Hadron Collider

I was just listening to a science programme and it described the camera that is used in the giant Hadron collider that is searching for the Higgs Boson or God particle in CERN. Apparently the camera that captures the images of the collision is the equivalent of a 100M pixel 3D camera that takes 400m pictures every second.

It takes a moment for these numbers to sink in…

The idea that a camera can take 400,000,000 pictures every second at the level of detail implied by 100m pixels, and store all that information with a time stamp for each image, is simply mind boggling.

No wonder that it takes so long to process all the data that is being collected.  One has to wonder what world changing/shattering knowledge might be hidden in there.

I feel quite proud that human beings are capable of this level of enquiry into where we come from and how the universe works.