Outlook search folders

I have been an Outlook user for many years and have got used to its idiosyncracies. As it has improved over that time I have even got to like it and certainly beome dependant on it as my most used app. But I have only just discovered ‘search folders’.

Search folders are a tool that enables you to search all your other folders and present threads of emails all in one place. It does not move the emails the way that some rules would, it merely organises the presentation. In my case, we have multiple projects with a partner company  and using this facility enables me to ‘see’ each project with that partner alone.

How to set it up

  • In Outlook go to the Mail folder.
  • Click on the down arrow next to the ‘New’ button on the tool bar.
  • choose the ‘New Search Folder’ on the drop down menu
  • Select ‘mail from and to specific people’.
  • Click on the ‘choose’ button
  • put the domain name in the box
  • click on ‘OK’ to save

It may take some time for Outlook to create the new folder..