COP26 and Immigration

Published in Guardian Letters 15/11/2021

In the early estimates of the effect of climate change it was suggested that over 200 million people would be displaced from their homes by a warming of between 1.5 degrees and 2.0 degrees.  This now seems to be baked into our future, so what plans have we got to manage it?

If you think of the political upheaval that even the relatively tiny migrations have caused over the last few years. Across the Mexican border to USA brought in Trump, and migration into Europe from Syria has threatened the whole EU project and even migration from Europe into the UK which brought about Brexit . And I can barely contemplate  the current disgusting antics between Belarus and Poland!

How come this is not even a proper subject of debate at COP26? Will we all just try to pull up the drawbridge and retreat into national protectionism – leaving those 200 million destitute men women and children to fend for themselves? Who would want to design such a cruel future….

200m is the equivalent of 20 super cities – let’s identify where they will be most viable in areas close to where they will be most needed and start building! We have the capacity, but we need to find the will.